A Private and Personal Oakland Pilates Studio

Anyone can benefit from Pilates! It is the most thoroughly developed exercise system ever conceived for the human body, period. — We aim to imbue others with the energy, enthusiasm and joy we gain ourselves from its unique benefits. We accomplish this every day by building meaningful relationships with our clients.

Pilates Classes Tailored to Your Body and Goals

Pilates lessons at our studio – as intended by Joe himself – are uniquely tailored to your individual needs and abilities. We take great care in applying our long experience and rigorous training in the Pilates method to suit your body and your personal health goals.

Regardless of your perfect Pilates workout – be it challenging and aerobic, or mindful and healing – practicing Pilates in our studio will help you feel more alive and will improve your flexibility, coordination and strength.

Classes available: Individual  |  Duet (Partner)  |  Group Mat  |  Group Communal


Expertly Trained and Certified Pilates Instructors

Our Oakland Pilates studio is home to Faye Stevenson a second generation Certified Pilates instructor  – You will learn only from experts in our studio. Not all Pilates certification programs are created alike; Instead of “jumping on the Pilates fad”, we have dedicated many years of our lives to learning how Joe Pilates meant to instruct students in his system.

It isn't enough for us to have learned the names of exercises and describe their form; It is our responsibility as instructors to understand the nuanced purpose behind each exercise, their countless variations, and how they flow from one to the next. We must have a working knowledge of the body's skeletal and muscular structure, how to recognise your particular body's limits, and how to focus your Pilates workout on those areas that will do your body the most good.

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