Pilates Workshops, and Other Special Events

Bayside Pilates celebrates the wealth of our community's resources with special events.  These may be specific offerings to certain members of our community, fundraisers to benefit particular organizations, or educational opportunities which we feel are valuable and worthy of sharing.  Here is a list of our current offerings.  Please join us!

Current Events

Holistic Biomechanics (TM) — Ongoing

Apart from being a great tool for healthy and mindful living, Holistic Biomechanics™ is a fabulous complement to Pilates.  Ollie Lobeck offers individual sessions at Bayside Pilates.  Visit her website to learn more about her work:  greenleafmovement.com

Past Events

Mamas Need Tummy Time Too! – A Pilates Workshop with Faye Stevenson

This event proved so popular that we now have a permanent class just for moms!

Having now engaged with the physical experience of child-bearing on a personal level, and spent years working with the core, Faye is eager to share what she knows with other new mamas.  She will share her understanding of proper core conditioning and practical exercises for making real changes during this very special time in a mother's life.

“Cup O’Joe” Introductory Pilates Mat Class Series

This mat class is offered to people who are new to Pilates and are looking for a quick way to experience the work. No prior experience with Pilates is necessary to participate.

Siri Dharma’s Visit to Bayside Pilates (June 2014)

If you haven't worked with Siri, you owe it to yourself to do so.  She has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and puts it all to use in the most generous and thoughtful way.  We have something planned for everyone:  Archived Event Page

Movement Awareness Workshop — Available to come to your space

Ollie Lobeck and Faye Stevenson team up to share the complementary methods of Holistic Biomechanics (TM) and Pilates.  In this workshop we explore movements basic to the Pilates method with the sensing and body awareness techniques basic to Holistic Biomechanics (TM).  Archived Event Page