Solo Sessions

December 8, 2021: Bayside Pilates is open for in-person or virtual solo sessions.

When training individually with a Certified Instructor, you have the complete Pilates system available for your benefit, practiced at your ideal pace.  This affords you the opportunity to address your specific needs with the careful guidance of a skilled practitioner.

For New Students

Anyone new to Bayside Pilates, even with previous Pilates experience, begins with a minimum of three individual sessions (You can start with our introductory offer of three discounted sessions).  During these sessions we will address your initial questions about your Pilates practice and you will experience the foundational principles of Pilates training.

For Ongoing Training

You may continue having individual one-on-one sessions for your Pilates practice. People often find it beneficial to have a mix of solo sessions and duets or trios.


  • $105/session
  • Discounts when purchasing multiple sessions

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