Pilates Reviews and Testimonials from our Clients

We can talk until we're blue in the face about how great Pilates is, and what it can do for your body and life. We're so happy though to share the words of our wonderful clients below!

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

Faye was clearly an outstanding instructor, with the ability to make herself understood with a really complicated program for beginners. There are so many parts that are interwoven and one must keep it all flowing and together using the mind, movement and the body at the same time.

– Don

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

I started pilates with lots of baggage in terms of old injuries and misperceptions about what my body could and couldn’t do...as a longtime gym rat, I thought the point of exercise was to build muscle and burn fat, not to involve my mind.  But pilates turned out to be so different.  From the start, I’ve left every session feeling energetic and serene, feelings I never had with any other form of exercise.  Pilates is making me stronger, straighter, looser and more flexible in my body and my mind.  Feels like love to me!

– Katharine

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

I look forward to each session with the expectation that I will improve my pilates techniques and acquire more strength, control and balance, however slight that might be.  I appreciate this form of exercise that combines mental focus and physical discipline.  And in that a teacher can influence one’s appreciation for any learning experience, I feel lucky to have found Faye with her eagle eye and relentless determination to always motivating me to reach for more.

– Jan

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

I’ve been doing pilates for 6 months.  I’m hitting the golf ball 15 yards farther.  Since practicing pilates, the biggest advantage I’ve found is my improved sense of balance.  I also have a much better sense of my center, or core.

– Tom

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

My favorite pilates exercise is ‘the hundred.’  I always dread it at the beginning of my session, and at the end my blood is pulsating throughout my body and I feel alive and mostly out of my head and into my body.  When I first started pilates I couldn’t turn my head and neck to the right as it was very painful.  I can now twist my head and neck to the right without difficulty. My sciatic nerve and lower back were in chronic pain and I have strengthened my torso and powerhouse area so that my back is much better and my sciatic nerve is under control.  I love pilates and my practice helps me feel healthier and more agile.

– Barbara B.

- ——————›◊‹—————— -

Faye and Bayside Pilates provide more than a wonderful workout for the body based on the principles of Joe Pilates.  Faye's great knowledge and communal approach to Pilates is also nourishing to the spirit.

– Barbara M.