Training at Bayside Pilates

December 8, 2021: Bayside Pilates is open for in-person or virtual solo sessions and virtual MELT and Pilates Mat training.

When you chose to train at Bayside Pilates, you make a commitment and so do we.  Your personal wellness goals become ours and we work along with you tirelessly to help you reach your target and beyond.

Pilates Classes For New Students

Anyone new to Bayside Pilates, even with previous Pilates experience, begins with a minimum of three individual sessions. During these sessions we will address your initial questions about your Pilates practice and you will experience the foundational principles of Pilates training.

Pilates Classes For Ongoing Training

Pilates Enrichment Programs For All

MELT Classes
Breakthroughs abound when MELT and Pilates meet. This system of self-care addresses a myriad of common body complaints and is a perfect compliment to a Pilates training routine.