Are Pilates Workouts Right for You?

Nearly anyone with motivation — regardless of age or physical condition — can enjoy the benefits of Pilates training. At Bayside Pilates we will support you in the development and maintenance of your own Pilates practice.

The Pilates method of exercise is a fantastic workout. It also has the capacity to be corrective and therapeutic. Even the healthiest person will experience these benefits of a Pilates workout. A person weakened by injury or other conditions may experience the corrective and therapeutic aspects of the work more than the exercise aspects. The bottom line is, if you engage in a regular Pilates workouts, you will enjoy these results—what Romana Kryzanowska identifies as the defining characteristics of Pilates: Stretch, Strength, Control.

Because each person is unique, Pilates is best learned and practiced with attention to individual needs in a group context. The group context offers us support and momentum so that we do not get too caught up in our own experience.  This is partly why Pilates is always practiced with eyes open.

While Pilates teaches us how to tend to our internal experience, we must learn to do that while we are actively participating. Use of the various pieces of gratz apparatus, execution of Pilates exercises, personalized variations, and teaching cues are all dependent on the current needs of the student and therefore highly individualized. But there is an underlying system which defines every Pilates workout and is applied to all people who practice it, even at the most basic level.