Pilates for Beginners

There is no time like the present to begin living more fully. With Pilates, you can do that. Who would have imagined that the simple act of moving through a series of exercises could bring so many astonishing changes to bear upon a life? Only those who have lived some sort of transformation.

You may be a believer from the beginning, or you may be a skeptic, but if you start moving change is inevitable. While we cannot make any guarantees as to what changes you will experience, we witness improvements daily in ourselves and our students as a direct result of our Pilates practices.

Given our society’s current lifestyle standards, we are moving less and less. Which can make it more and more intimidating to simply get moving. And yet, beginning with movement is the key. In Pilates, you begin by learning the moves and then you have a repertoire for a lifetime of physical wellness. Over time and using your Pilates practice as a structure in which to work, you will have the opportunity to make all sorts of refinements and improvements to your life. That may sound a bit far-reaching and yet it is not. The changes that you make in your body affect your entire being.