A home practice program designed for your success!

Home practice is the key to fully integrating Pilates into your way of life.  Imagine that no matter where you are, no matter what happens, you have tools at your disposal to keep yourself on track and out of painful physical emergencies. The Start Strong Home Practice Program is a daily home practice program, developed over the course of several years by our studio owner and master instructor, Faye Stevenson. It is designed to guide you through the fundamental elements of the Pilates Mat work so that you can be assured of practicing the movements safely and derive the most benefit they can offer.

Depending on how you progress through the program, it can last from four to nine months, with each month comprised of a unique series of 30 videos, iteratively building on one another and previous months' lessons.

The program is intended to compliment a regular studio practice and works to ensure your success through daily workouts, combined between:

  • Studio sessions with an expert Pilates instructor
  • The Program's home video sessions, designed to guide you step by step in gaining command of the fundamental elements of the Pilates method


  • First two months: $169
  • Monthly, therafter: $99

    Current clients:    To start, request a free consultation with Faye