Bayside Pilates, Oakland Pilates Studio

We are a private Pilates studio in Emeryville, California. Our studio is dedicated to the original work of Joseph Pilates. We take pride in providing a safe, comfortable space for you to enjoy your Pilates practice.

Daily Pilates Practice

Everyone at our Oakland Pilates studio understands and values the challenge of developing a personal Pilates practice that is true to Joe’s brilliant system. All of us at Bayside Pilates follow this daily practice.

Here's how we do it:

  • We maintain an attitude of curiosity about our bodies.
  • We keep moving because we know that our bodies are made to move.
  • We use authentic Gratz equipment because it's the only equipment that has proven its capacity for building Pilates bodies.
  • We continue learning about Pilates and our bodies.
  • We constantly reference photographs and writings of Joe Pilates, ensuring we stay true to the original rules of the Pilates' studio.

The Best Pilates Studio Equipment

As in any profession, having the correct tools matters. We don't skimp when it comes to the equipment we provide for your use. Gratz is the longest standing equipment manufacturer building Pilates apparatus to Joe Pilates' original specifications.

You might wonder why this matters...  Joe Pilates designed the apparatus with particular results in mind; the most important one being that the apparatus was to function as an extension of the body on it.  In doing this the apparatus gives the moving body constant information about it's mechanical center.  In order to serve this initial purpose, an apparatus must meet certain specifications.  When changes to the original designs are made for reasons apart from this core purpose, the function of the apparatus suffers and the bodies that employ it no longer reap the benefits.