The Benefits of Pilates

It is impossible to list all of Pilates’ benefits, but we freqently witness:

  • Improved balance, physical confidence, strength, and flexibility
  • A sense of physical and emotional well-being
  • A decrease in back pain
  • Feeling and appearing taller
  • More flexible and fluid joints
  • Heightened awareness of posture and subsequent improvement of carriage
  • Enhanced performance in all tasks of life from the most mundane to the most exciting

Truly, the benefits of Pilates regimens are more profound than any list has the power to convey. As with any practice that a person may take on, Pilates has the potential to change one's life for the better. As with any fitness regimen, Pilates benefits the physical body, but it's creator was interested in addressing our bodies as they truly are: a physical, intellectual, and spiritual entity unified in one human form. Pilates fitness unifies our body, mind, and spirit for the betterment of us each in our entirety.

As with all things that are worth doing, the only way to really know the benefits of Pilates is to experience it.