Holistic Biomechanics, weekly at Bayside Pilates!

A gentle and effective way to facilitate your own increased awareness and self-healing.

Holistic Biomechanics is a little know gem of a method.  Developed in Oregon by Alicia Fajardo, it holds the potential to repair painful physical conditions, and to generally enhance our quality of life.  Ollie Lobeck arrived in the Bay Area in June of 2013 and is a marvelous ambassador to the work of Holistic Biomechanics.


Every week, Ollie chooses a different area of focus.  The overall results are generally the same though:  a feeling of calm and relaxation as your body's self healing mechanisms are activated.


Saturdays at 10:15a

Fee  $20

Learn more about Holistic Biomechanics and Ollie Lobeck: