Bayside Pilates Comes to Michigan - Pilates Home Practice Intensive!

An intensive workshop to kickstart your home Pilates practice and a lifetime of looking and feeling your best!

Originally composed by Joe Pilates, the mat exercises were intended for home practice.  This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and experience to establish your home Pilates practice.  Follow up materials will be available online at no extra charge to guide you until your confidence is sufficient to carry you through a twenty minute routine that will keep you in good condition.


For the Pilates mat series, you will learn both the choreography of the exercises and how to perform them for optimal results.  We will use a set of exercises called Body Basics to help you activate the correct muscles and build your body awareness to ensure that you will have an accurate sense of what to feel when you workout independently.  Additionally we will cover Pilates exercises for the feet and arms, and a leg stretching series to support your flexibility.


Monday July 28 - Friday August 1
10a-noon in Northville, Michigan
4-6p in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fees (including materials)*
10 hours:  $110
6 hours:  $70

*Fees increase by 15% after July 15th.

Contact us for full details and to register: