Pilates Classes » Private Solo or Duet Pilates Lessons

Great for: Highly individualized attention and perfecting your technique.

As you develop your Pilates practice, we highly recommend individual or duet Pilates lessons. While movement is the hallmark of a Pilates workout, refining that movement is an individualized process which typically unfolds over many years of study.

Pricing for Solo (Individual) Pilates Lessons

  • $86 single session
  • $405 five sessions
  • $760 ten sessions

We uphold a 24-hour cancellation policy for all scheduled lessons.

Pricing for Duet (Partner) Pilates Lessons

  • $51 single session
  • $235 five sessions
  • $440 ten sessions

(prices for Duet lessons are per person)

A Pilates lesson with attention focused completely on your body may be what you need in the case of injury or special circumstances.  In these cases, extra care is needed to get the details just right so that you experience the improvements that you are seeking.

Solo workouts give us the opportunity to really focus on our own body's needs with the prized end goal of more refined movement in and out of the studio. When taken in tandem with Pilates classes, individual and duet Pilates lessons can make the difference between simply feeling better and having an entirely new body.