Pilates Class for New Moms: Mamas Need Tummy Time Too!

New moms begin here:  A weekly class to help you restore your core once your baby has arrived.

In this gentle and purposeful class we will use the Pre-Pilates and Pilates mat exercises to guide your body back to its non-childbearing state.  Babies are welcome!

Tummy Time Mat Class

Single Class:  $26
Three Class Card:  $63

Register and reserve your mat by contacting us.  All pre-paid cards expire 6 weeks from purchase.

Tummy Time Class Schedule

Thursdays:  6p to 7p

 (Classes are not held on a drop-in basis, please contact us before your first visit to the studio.)

While it is commonly understood that some sort of core re-conditioning goes hand in hand with being a new mom, it may not be as well understood just how one does such a thing.  Given the wide variety of changes that childbearing initiates, it is quite important to take great care when addressing the new mother's core musculature.  In this case, the precision and body awareness that are integral to Pilates training can be especially important.  While the exercises that we do are important, during delicate times such as the childbearing years, it is equally important that we engage the musculature in a balanced way so as not to cause strain or injury.