Pilates Classes » Group Mat Workout

Great for:  Feeling the flow of a Pilates workout on the mat no matter your experience level.

Lie down, get comfortable, fine tune your Pilates connections and then, experience
 continuous flow through your center with a non-stop Pilates workout.  Your body will thank you!  All levels are welcome.

Mat Class Fee

Single class: $26
5 Class card: $105

Register and reserve your mat by contacting us.  All prepaid cards expire six weeks from purchase.

Mat Class Schedule

Wednesdays: 11:30a
Fridays:  10:30a

(Classes are not held on a drop-in basis, please contact us before your first visit to the studio.)

The Pilates mat could easily be called the alpha and omega of the Pilates system.  While the exercises on the mat can be more challenging due to the lack of support, they can also be the most rewarding in terms of results.  When mat work serves as an introduction to the Pilates system, it is common to find limitations in our bodies.  These are best addressed on an individual basis with the support of the apparatus.  For the well-tuned body, regular mat workouts are all the body needs to stay in optimal condition.