Certified Pilates Instructor: Isabelle Abrams M.A

  • Isabelle is a certified instructor in both the classical Pilates method, and rehabilitation Pilates. She has a passion for empowering and supporting clients by utilising a strength-based approach to assist people in reaching their goals.
  • She is a passionate learner, holding a Masters’ in Science (Counselling Psychology), Bachelors’ in Nutrition, Diploma in Adult education, and certifications in massage and reflexology.
  • Isabelle has worked in the vocational education sector for the last 15 years, educating adult learners in modalities ranging from Pilates, natural medicine, massage and counselling to metaphysical wisdom and beyond.
  • Isabelle brings all her knowledge, skills & experience to Bayside Pilates to assist with client’s needs.

In Isabelle's Own Words

“As a practicing counsellor, nutritionist, and massage therapist, I realised there was a gap in my capacity to provide clients with a truly holistic service. I had personally been practicing Pilates for well over a decade before becoming a Pilates teacher, and bringing it into the experience I could provide to my clients.

“My Pilates training began at Authentic Pilates in Sydney with Olga Tamara. I initially chose to learn the traditional method developed by Joseph Pilates because it is a deeply focused mind/body method of exercise that effects the wellbeing of the whole person. Since graduating I have worked with some of the best teachers in the Classical Pilates Method including Cynthia Lochard, Lea Francis, Nick Wearne, Kathryn Ross Nash, and Jay Grimes.

“To me Classical Pilates is a moving, focused mindful experience. By bringing awareness and attention to the body in motion, the mind is allowed to become revitalised through stillness. It is the perfect exercise modality for those who want to develop strength, flexibility, focus and control. Age is no barrier—my clients have ranged from the age of eight to 84, achieving tremendous benefit from the method. Joseph Pilates called his method of body conditioning ‘Contrology’, because control of the body and mind are developed through regular practice of Classical Pilates.

“I began to see the need for Rehabilitation Pilates a few years into my Pilates Journey. It focuses on specific issues a client might have, and assists people to regain previously lost strength, flexibility and rang of motion. It is wonderful tool for chronic conditions. The session differs from the classical method in that it contains specifically focused slower movements, deeper stretching and more basic underpinning exercise techniques. Once a client has completed a required amount of Rehabilitation Pilates, they can transition to the classical method.

“My philosophy towards health and wellbeing is quite holistic. Each session becomes a unique harmonious synthesis of techniques that incorporates the specific elements you need based on your presentations during your session. With a fundamental basis founded in the classical method, science, clinical experience, and problem-solving skills, I work using an intuitive yet collaborative approach to set the frame work for your individual experience.”

— Isabelle Abrams