About Pilates

For those interested in learning more about Pilates...

What is Pilates?

We are often asked about Pilates. In our opinions, Pilates is a well designed system of exercise, but it is also a lifestyle that can play a huge role in improving health and happiness, leading to a deeper, more fulfilling way of living. Read more... What is Pilates?

The Benefits of Pilates

What about Pilates potentially leads to lasting physical and emotional life changes? Pilates benefits the physical body, but it's creator was interested in addressing our bodies as they truly are: a physical, intellectual, and spiritual entity unified in one human form. Pilates unifies our body, mind, and spirit for the betterment of us each in our entirety. Read more... Pilates Benefits

A Brief History of Pilates

Our work is inspired by the legacy of Joseph Pilates, who was passionately interested in the human body and keeping it healthy. Like most innovators, he was ahead of his time, developing a system of exercise for maintaining an optimal state of health. Read more...  Pilates History